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09-03-2012, 06:48 PM
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unless he registered for school and than changed his mind, Wiebe was listed as a Student for this Semester as recently as Last week.

As for the incident last year, Theirs two parts to it, i don't really agree being downtown a mere few days before nationals was a great Idea for Wiebe or any other players that went out, but also their was no rule stating don't go out the weekend before nationals (im sure that will change). the other side was its not like Wiebe was hammered and started a fight, Their was a confrontation on him and a female companion where the Female got shoved. Wiebe took the guy out with barely any effort and by chance freakishly rolled his ankle on a Curb. Having said that if true and Wiebe is already done it would be a huge loss, Culligan, Wiebe and Carroll were on Fire at the end of the season. Weibe would be a guarenteed 20+Goal and 40+ Point man. Braes would fill in his Shoes on the Right Side on the Number one line just fine though. If healthy the whole year and he has no injury history Braes will top 40 Pts in his Rookie Season

u havent heard the last of UNB Recruits or at least faces you don't know are theyre yet they're is 1 more name you have not heard and potentially another if a certain guy does not make a AHL Team

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