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09-03-2012, 08:14 PM
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Name: Julie

Age: 29

Location: Ontario

Fav All time Senator: Alfie... of course!

Fav Current Senator: Karlsson, Neil, Alfie... Class acts all of them!

Fav Non Ottawa Players: Toews, and pretty much any goalie -- I'm a fan of most goalies

Fav Movies: Hmmm... I'm a chick so, like chick flicks. Love Amelie, 500 Days of Summer, that type of movie.

Fav TV Shows: Dexter, Girls, most HBO shows really. But usually just rent series, and then move on. (plus guilty pleasures of reality TV).

Music: A huge array. But often more independant music. I'll listen to top 40 for working out and stuff!

Hobbies: I play hockey and watch. Also have been getting into triathlons. And can be pretty artsy.

Fav food: Oh that's a hard one. A really nice creamy pasta with bacon in it! Yum!!

Fav Sens moment/how I became a fan: Became a fan because my entire family cheered for other teams, and I figured the Sens were hated and needed some love! I was 9. But I've always cheered for the teams that are not loved. No specific moment made me a Sens fan. But I loved watching Alfie's 400th goal!! (sadly I missed the winning goal in the conference finals).

Origin of screen name: Orr has always been a fav player of mine. Grew up that way.

Jerseys owned:
Just own a few, but not sure what they are. I do have an old white jersey from when I was 11 or 12, that I saved for. And that is now framed.

Married?: Ummm.... yes but no. Not legally, but common law.

Kids: Yeah, 2 little ones. 4 years old and 2 years old... maybe more on the way.

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