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Originally Posted by xpat1313x View Post
he's not that far off
Let's say a top end in the states is $250 while one in Canada is $300. 5% base cost price for the manufacturer would be $12.50 and $15.00 respectively.

One of, if not the largest Canadian sporting goods retailers has the retail cost price of top end sticks anywhere in the neighborhood between $170 - $190, most often around $180, which is 60% of regular retail price. Buying constantly and consistently in large quantities from manufacturers for locations coast-to-coast allows for such a price per unit. Don't think these major manufacturers would give 1100% markups to buyers. That's also considering the fact that the retailer buys in bulk, so the cost individually of each stick may be higher than that $180 range.

The cost of industrial carbon fibre is apparently about $10 / lb, roughly translating to about $4.50/kg. Assuming a top end SR stick is 400g (the APX and original U+ CL is about 415g non-grip with the smallest blade) and assuming around 350g of that stick is carbon fibre (I'm excluding any kevlar, resin, foam cores, paint or grip coatings), that material cost alone is still around $1.50, not discounting your argument entirely at the moment.

Now let's add all of the stuff in brackets, cost of labor (still there, even if it's overseas), rent and probably most of all, transport.

I'll be the first to admit that I have no data backing my argument except for the evidence above, but if you have such data to prove me wrong, it would be very welcome.

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