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09-03-2012, 09:17 PM
Doan 3:16
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(HS hockey player) Played in a championship game in a Labor Day tournament. The team we were playing against is a bunch of sandbaggers who blow out teams 15-0 in almost every game. Only lost 6-1, so I'm happy with my team.

Only problem is one ******* on the other team. The kid takes runs at people, and is the dirtiest ***** I've ever played against. He speared me in the balls tonight, and drew about 3 penalties from diving. He also slew-footed me twice. He was even cherry picking with 20 seconds left in a 6-1 game. His dad is the coach, and is almost as big of a piece of **** as his son. I got into a chirping fest with him, and he sent his biggest player to board me.

League wont do anything about it because this guy and the league president are buddies. That's why they're in our division too. Because they want to win a state title.

**** like this pisses me off.

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