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09-03-2012, 09:32 PM
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Sigh just gave Alan Wake a try, what a disappointment

Steam says 57 minutes played, more like 10 minutes played and 47 minutes of watching ****ing cutscenes

When you do manage to actually control the character the controls are beyond abysmal, having the character on the right of the screen but the camera control in the middle makes for some awkward stuff, the whole way he moves is just awkward too

I swear i wanna shoot devs that put god damn stamina in their god damn games, having to stop for 3 seconds after every 3 seconds of running is ********* and it shouldn't ****ing exist in any game ''oh well he's just a regular guy and they're trying to make it realistic'' the guy is fighting some god damn darkness monsters for ****s sake it shouldn't be realistic and it's the worst game feature ever invented, Mario never had to catch his breath and he's a fat plumber ffs

Basically i don't think i'll ever touch it again


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