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Originally Posted by trueblue9441 View Post
i'll tell you right now, it wouldn't do better than florida. because of the plans that ownership group has florida is actually in a pretty good spot right now. hockey operations might lose money, but the other arms of that business rake in the cash.

but as for hamilton, who would own the team? balsille doesn't have the money he used to have and he's the only one who wanted to own a team in that market. and there's been nothing on the horizon to even get a new arena or fix up copps.

right now, its not going to work. could it work in the future for the obvious reasons you mentioned above, of course it could. but right now there's no hope for a franchise to relocate to hamilton.
The other cities that i've heard talked about on SiriusXM:

Quebec City
Kansas City
Las Vegas

And the candidates are obvious:


The city of Sun Rise and the Panthers are committed to eachother. They won't move anytime soon.

Those three teams could be moved without an issue. The Islanders won't have an arena son enough anyway. The Devils are 20+ million in debt and are sandwiched between the Rangers and Flyers markets. And the Coyotes are self explainatory.

An interesting move would be the Coyotes to Las Vegas. Its close enough to Glendale, Arizona to keep its current fan base. Las Vegas doesn't have a major professional team in any sport. Its a city based on entertainment amd gambling. Its transient, but a team may be able to draw. Its entertainment in an entertainment driven city.

Seattle and Kansas City are also good spots. Kansas City has a new arena built if im not mistaken. They were ready to host pre season games. The Devils ironically.

Seattle is a major city. That could build a natural rivalry with Vancouver.

Those are moves that could be made eventually.

Quebec City apparently wants another NHL club, but who knows if they can support one.

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