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09-03-2012, 10:06 PM
Bob E
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I can not believe how leader-less the bomber franchise is at the moment.

1) The Board becomes too involved and makes stupid decisions when they are.

2) Buchko was simply a mis-hire. Has been a disaster from day 1. Horrible leader, during a time when the organization is screaming for one.

3) Joe Mack has lost touch with what makes a CFL team successful. His personnel decisions have been absolutely brutal. Canadian depth is non-existent. When they did draft someone with all-star ability, they 'didn't communicate well enough' to get a deal done with said player. We have ZERO at QB - the most important position on a CFL (just plain football) team - outside of maybe giving Elliot some development time. He might be a decent back-up one day, MIGHT... Brink is brutal and Buck is ALWAYS injured. There are key positions on a football team, and Mack has recruited either unproven, unreliable or unproductive players in those spots.

4) Burke. His HC debut is 52-0. 52 - ZERO. His assistant coaches seemed lost. The players seemed lost. Further, CFL teams do not get shut out. It doesn't matter how bad you are, you don't score a goose egg in a CFL game. Punt single, missed field goal, something. Last happened to Bombers, what, 40 yrs ago. This group of players have not played well for him recently, as a defence, and now as a complete team.

5) Players. But what is most concerning is players gave up. Absolute disgrace. There shouldn't be an 'untouchable' on this team. I'm not sure how many of these players would start on a quality team like Montreal or BC. Not many. And on-the-field leadership is needed terribly.

This organization needs a complete overhaul from the very top, AGAIN. Are quality football leaders that hard to find? Do they not want to be in the CFL? There has to be more Joe Popp's out there.

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