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09-03-2012, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
I think the point is we shouldn't completely discount him, which is what many people here do. He should be given a legit chance to become an impact player again.
like Gomez, if he's on the opening day roster we have to hope for the best, but at any opportunity to move him for whatever modest return (so long as it isn't worse contract-wise), you pull the trigger.

With Diaz, Weber, Bouillion, and then Beaulieu, St-Denis, Nash in Hamilton, Kaberle is expendable unless he is giving us quality top-4 play from a pure hockey pov, and with his contract that makes him a "move asap" asset.

and that's with the current cap-system, who knows how the CBA talks will go and what impact his bad contract will have under the new deal (can't get better, could get worse)

Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
I don't think anyone is arguing that he's a good top 4 option. If they are then they are dead wrong IMO.

Its more that the denigration has gone too far. For next season he looks to probably bring more to the table than say, Diaz.

We're past the point of expecting "good" from Kaberle, but not past the point of "useful."

As for trade value, people should keep in mind he was way better for Montreal than he was for Carolina, where he was brutal which is why his market value was a few months of Spacek. The player that was in Montreal should resemble the market value of a very similar player and contract in Zidlicky, not worth much but movable for minor assets. That's a matter of a team suddenly finding themselves short on puckmovement and PP skill, which is usually a matter of mid-season injuries.
a 2nd would be a dream, a 3rd still pleasant... but even for a 6th and/or a minor prospect is worth it. If the market for him is weak, and he shows nothing in camp to indicate "toronto" Kaberle, then MB should target a goaltending prospect, someone just hitting the pros but burried in the depth chart somewhere... not bad to add depth in that area and if we can find a team that isn't bothered by the cap limit, Kaberle's pp production could be worth the 4M$ salary hit.

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