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09-04-2012, 12:32 AM
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I have questions regarding the fact the Rangers have three imports in camp.

OHL teams can only have two imports on the roster. This year was the 1st year teams could pick an import player as insurance should they lose one of their two protected imports off their roster prematurely. (Call it the Boedker/Landeskog rule for Ranger fans). So, the Rangers chose Juraj Bezuch in this year's import draft.

With that in mind, the questions:

1) Since the NHL and NHLPA are in negotiations, how long can the Rangers have all three imports in Kitchener? Is there a cut off date? Has there been an exception made to any possible cut off date in the event there is a delay to the NHL season? Can any two imports play games once the OHL season starts?

2) In the event there is an NHL season, how long do the Rangers have to "deal with" the three import situation once Faksa is returned to the Rangers?

3) If Faksa is returned, does Bezuch have to be the odd man out? Example: What if, by the time Faksa has returned (who knows, that could be a while), Rieder has sustained some type of season ending injury. Could the Rangers then opt to keep Bezuch over Rieder?

Considering the Rangers are looking for at least two OA's, and should be dealing Bezuch, would a deal like the following (maybe pick(s) involved as well) make sense for both sides?

To Missy: 93W - Juraj Bezuch
93G - Frankie Palazzese

To Kit: 92W - Riley Brace

The Rangers need a quality OA and Brace would be just that.

I believe (but I may be wrong) that Missy is without a veteran goaltender and short one import player. If that is the case, in Bezuch, Missy would get an offensive talent who, by all accounts, should be close to point a game player. In Palazzese, they'd get a #1 goalie who would be a very good candidate to be around for an OA season next year.


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