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Originally Posted by cam042686 View Post
It is wonderful hockey to watch.

Clearly as an author of a book on the 74 Summit I am biased but the hockey played in 74 between Canada and the Soviets was at a level and pace rarely if ever seen in the NHL or WHA. It was fantastic. It is really too bad this series has been basically forgotten by so many fans as it was tremendous to watch.

Craig Wallace
IMO games 3 and 8 of the 1972 series are at least as good as any game in 1974*. But WHA's Team Canada definitely played better as a team than the NHL version in 1972. I'm not sure about the Soviets; they were probably a little better in Moscow this time.

* games 1, 4 and 6 are the best for me. Unfortunately, the DVD set doesn't have the 5th game (though I know that some footage of that game exist - which is available on YouTube, for example)

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