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Originally Posted by jonlin View Post
Salmi did the exact same thing to Filppula in the same game(hitting the guy in the head while down), the only difference was Filppulas teammate was fast enough to jump in! Melart started the cheapshotting by attacking Ruutu from behind. Jokela attacked a non-fighting skillplayer. Liivik was 3rd man in attacking a Jokeri-player. The list goes on...

I have in no way claimed that what Semir Ben-Amor did was ok. I hope he gets banned from ice-hockey and this goes to court! I just wanted to point out that both teams gooned up in the game. Hifk is well known for this in Finland. They even had a full size advertisement in one of the biggest papers in Finland wishing "Welcome to Helsinki Tuukka" to a player from another team. Who got attacked in the following game...
HIFK fans should really take off thoose sunglasses...
Again you are derailing this conversation... Hijacking this thread to be what HIFK is or isn't?

Stay on topic and stop making crap out. You sir have not contributed anything valid to this thread.

Step 1: Make a "HIFK's style of play - Goon or not to goon?" thread.
Step 2: Post your thoughts there.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!

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