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Originally Posted by GunsnRosesPenguins91 View Post
Would be Acquiring:
Darius Heyward-Bey (WR)

Trading Away:
Titus Young (WR)
I like that trade for you. Bey was good before Plamer got there and it continued afterward. I know people are high on Titus but he did nothing this preseason. Bey has already demonstrated he could be a low end WR2 or very high end WR3.

Originally Posted by King Henrique View Post
Crabtree vs Heyward-Bey. Who you got for week 1? Also, who do you think will have the better season?
Bey for both. I stated some of the reasons above, but I'm not high on Crabtree at all. I know people feel like he could "break out" but I'm not so sure it'll happen.

Originally Posted by Middletown Mike View Post
what to do, what to do with AP......
No way I'd start him this week. Absolutely zero chance he gets a lot of touches IMO. Obviously depends on what your options are, but they'd have to be pretty bad before I'd consider AP this week.

Originally Posted by flyersfan187 View Post
Thx. Who would you start out of Nicks, Lloyd and Donald Brown? I got one wr spot and one flex spot to fill.
Yeah I'd go Nicks and Lloyd.

Originally Posted by King Lui View Post
Should I be dropping Moss and picking up Tate? At what point should I drop Rashad Jennings? Should I look to improve my WR core?
Definitely drop Moss for Tate ASAP. I like your bench receivers, and your starters are obviously solid, so I think you're good there. I'd hold onto Jennings until MJD clearly takes his job back. My guess would be a month. Now that being said, if Jennings has a great week 1, good week 2, but MJD just eventually takes his job back I'm not sure I'd drop Jennings at all.

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