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09-04-2012, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Fat Doctor View Post
Jokerit has apologized and promised that this will not happen again (by Kekäläinen), and Semir has publicly apologized Peltonen and wished him all the best. Semir also said it was his own, spontaneous choise, which he repents. Jokerit also informed, that Semir has been disciplined inside the organization.

Excellent job by Jokerit, but wait! Shouldn't HIFK take some responsibility of this? HIFK hasn't informed anything about the game in their website, only the result. No match report, nothing. HIFK was the one who came to away game, starting by punching one of our best players on the back of his head. Take your share of the responsibility, you pretentious little crybabies. Go ahead and tease the smaller teams, do that against Jokerit and you will get smashed (on the scoreboard too, as usual).
^This is what is wrong with people now days. If a matter is brought up for a discussion its either crying or hypocrite.

I've not once said that what HIFK did was all good but this topic isn't about the match in general or what HIFK has done in past, but the acts of Semir Ben-Amor.

You Jokerit fans and jonlin are just trying to turn this "Semir Ben-Amor chep-shot"-thread into a HIFK bashing thread for no reason. There has been no Jokerit bashing in this thread so I feel like it's just your lack of arguments over this matter that forces you to start derailing.

Like I said earlier, all the respect for Kekäläinen and what he has said, one of my favorite ice-hockey persons in the world but blaming fans here about what HIFK as an organisation has or hasn't done is just ignorant from your behalf.

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