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09-04-2012, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Fantom View Post
I sort of agree with the players here. The owners are the ones who CHOSE to pay the players what they are getting paid. Why should the players take a paycut. Whats the point of a contract if the owners can just say well we are going to pay you less then we agreed upon
The players and owners agreed on those terms in the last cba. The owners didn't break that cba.

That cba expired and the owners are laying out what they want in the next cba.

Since Wang runs the isles on such a tight budget, I have to support the owners. I want as level a playing field as possible when it comes to team payroll.

I don't want cap space sold.
I don't want picks/ prospects sold.
I don't want a luxury tax, that allows deep pocketed teams to spend above the cap ceiling.

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