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09-04-2012, 10:51 AM
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I do like that comments and opinions of coaches,parents and on lookers. As for the 98 goalies that some on wanted a review 98 in BC. We really have no idea on work ethic on any of these goalies. You mentioned 2 of the Blue Select goalies and 2 from Semi with high praise. Of these goalies mentioned not one made the A1 team in 2011-2012. The three in question are average goalies. I did watch the Challendge Cup tournament and Lange did play well with a sub par def.

Barrett has the best size and athleticism in this group. You have lost your creditabilty. I am sure he is a good goalie , but to try to rank him as the top goalie in BC is just silly.

I have no problem ranking them in order. Until he has a few bad games I can't see anyone above Shugre at this point. The season is long and it does help when you have a good def group in front of you. I believe he has had the same Def group for 3 years. This does make a difference.

Shugrue - based on size, history of big games, speed.
Lange- great glove, and net presence.
Tallarico- great glove and speed. Needs size and work down low.

The other three goalies you had mentioned are in with everyone else. I did see the VS Blues play against Mercurys in Winnipeg. They made them look very average at best. Which is all I can compare when I saw them play the Vipers against Shugure.

All good comments of these players and goalies for the upcoming season.

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