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09-04-2012, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by sully1410 View Post
Does anybody else think its weird that they're going to put another cfl team in Ottawa...a place that it has failed twice in spectacular fashion?
I blame the various ownership groups for Ottawa's troubles. They had Eric Tillman for awhile until they fired him to save money. Personal issues aside, at least he's a credible football man,

In the off-season, I hope the buchko and mack experiments are over. Makes no sense to fire them right now, though that's the popular opinion. Instead, I'd like changes over the winter, and hope they find:

1) An experienced CFL management guy, as CEO, like a Scott Ackles or Bob Nicholson (argos). Someone who has done it before that can put a solid foundation in place. Not sure what Jim Bell's job would be then, maybe a VP and CFO role? That person can pick the new GM/coach. Moving into the new stadium, maximizing revenue, and hosting a GC in next couple of yrs (or 2 within decade) and maximizing revenue should be focus of that individual. Ackles makes sense to me.

2) A quality coach/gm combo. Have an Asst GM in place, so the new hire would have similar role as John Hufnagel in Calgary. Ideally a Mike Riley type, though he's signed until 2019 I believe. Maybe a Tom Higgins. I'd prefer someone with bomber ties, but don't see many out there. Not a huge higgins fan, but he only had one coaching season under .500. Boy I'd take that at the moment. I would not want a first year head coach though I'm sure there are worthy candidates - a Rick Campbell or Dave Dickenson or ?? I say let's win a GC, and snap the streak first, then let someone 'cut their teeth'.

3) A QB. Who can play.

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