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09-04-2012, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by MP View Post
Most of the CBA-rage I've encountered on blogs and comment sections and so on has been weird like that. The response leads me to imagine a crowd of angry tweens being told that the Justin Bieber concert has been postponed. And the parents are angry too, because now they have to explain to their kids what "rehab" means, and why their favorite singer has to go there.

They can just go get bent. At least they can say that when all is said and done, they know where their team will be playing the year after next.
Speaking of all that rage, I'm sick and tired of all the rage being used to talk about boycotting and protesting the NHL over something that has yet to happen this season, a lockout. The General Section is more annoying than ever before with this kind of crap talk seeing that so many have not botherned to learn from history that this kind of talk was used during the last lockout and the league came back stronger than it ever was before.

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