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09-04-2012, 05:31 PM
vadim sharifijanov
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Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
Yeah I can't believe we're having that argument again that Mats Naslund's peak is even close to Markus's. It just isn't jkrx. You can give me the BS about competition, but Markus's three year peak far outstrips Mats' no ifs, ands, or buts about it, even taking more difficult competition into account. Unless you think there were about 10 more players playing during the 80s who were better than the best player during the early 2000s (something that just isn't true), then Markus's peak is better.

I understand Mats having the great playoff run when they won the Cup (I don't see it as a Smythe worthy performance. for instance I see Carbonneau, Roy, and Robinson as being more important in that series at least) but I just can't say that one defining playoff run was more important than what Markus did. I can't do it.
you can give me the bs about how four goal games in february against the oilers being something we should be impressed by, but mats scored 52 playoff points in his three year peak, winning seven rounds and leading his team in scoring the entire way.

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