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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
give me a break. vancoucer biased? other than henrik, i didn't vote for a single canuck in the round he won, and in fact i argued vociferously against markus naslund. as far as i can tell, only ms and i are canucks fans (hardy seems to be from ancouver but a canuck hater?) and i didn't see him cheerleading for any canucks either.

and wasn't it you calling for loob and kenta nilsson? i hadother guys ahead of both in the rounds they won.

there was a lot of discussion about canucks because half of the greatest canucks of all time have been swedish.
I was basing the Vancouver accusation on the 10 or so odd votes the Vancouver players got from user whos never on the board and havent been since. Not on you or MS.

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