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Originally Posted by kaneone View Post
All these "toughest goalie to score on" things that players always say has a bit of bias to it.

How many elite goalies are in the eastern conference, where every eastern conference team plays four times a season? Not many.

How many elite goalies are there in the western conference where every western conference team plays four times in a season? Definitely more than the east.

It would be way easier for a player to make that decision when they face way less elite goalies than they do of the western conference.

A few years ago, Luongo was voted, by the players, the toughest goalie to score on. This was the same argument we used.

Obviously I'm not saying Lundqvist is not the toughest goalie to score on, but it isn't fair to say that if you are only using an eastern conference player's opinion.
I think it depends on a lot of things. Most importantly to the shooter is the kind of shot he is likely to take, and how accurate he is. We all know Hank has some vulnerability high glove side, and someone who is adept at hitting that sweet spot may disagree with Stamkos' sentiment. However someone who makes their money shooting low or trying to beat a goalie tucking it under their arms before they can center to the shot, would probably say Lundqvist is a beast. His position is generally technically sound, and his vision/reflexes are top-notch.

I think it is safe to say most players would rank Henrik highly among toughest goalies to score on, but THE toughest becomes highly subjective to each player.

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