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Originally Posted by Sidney the Kidney View Post
Could you blame him? He was the scapegoat for the team's lackluster showing, despite the fact he was thrust into the starter's role as a 17 year old when Grubauer went down with Mono, and despite the fact the team in front of him didn't have a single clue how to play defense.

Further, the club didn't show any confidence in him to be the starter the following season. So I'm not surprised he requested a trade when the club he was currently with didn't think he was capable of being the number one guy, not to mention publicly putting a lot of the blame on their early playoff exit on poor goaltending.

So in a sense, yes, there is something Gilmour could have done to avoid the trade request. Not blame him for the team's poor playoff showing, and show a bit more belief in him that he could be the club's go-to guy the following season.

A couple of things:

1-I'll repeat, it's because of the club's track record of going with 19 or 20 year old goalies from outside the organization, one that Gilmour as GM has continued.

No, he's not to blame for everything that's been wrong with the club for the past decade and a half. That's not what's at issue here. It's the ongoing philosophy behind constantly bringing in someone else's 19 or 20 year old goalie each and every season, started by Mavety, and now two seasons into his reign as GM, continued by Gilmour.

2-You keep bringing up Houser, but the problem with that example is London brought him in as a 17 year old. He played for them for 3 seasons, two of which he was their starter. That's completely different than what the Frontenacs do, bringing in a final year guy who is gone the next year. The end result is a new goalie has to be found each and every year. There's no continuity.

If Kingston brought in a 17 or 18 year old free agent who could come in and offer stability to the position for longer than a single season, it wouldn't be an issue. It's the fact that the goalie position in Kingston is a revolving door, where a new goalie has to be acquired/signed/traded for at the start of every season.

Again, people aren't blaming Gilmour for bad draft picks before his time as GM. It's more a concern that he seems to have adopted Mavety's philosophy of bringing in a final year goalie from another team each year, rather than giving younger guys who may be around for multiple seasons a chance to run with the starting job.
Gilmour has only drafted 2 goalies they are both 16 and won't play this year It's too early to say he's adopted Mavety's philosophy ,next year these guys might play .Who knows they just want someone to stop pucks.

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