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Originally Posted by BigBuck View Post
Gilmour has only drafted 2 goalies they are both 16 and won't play this year It's too early to say he's adopted Mavety's philosophy ,next year these guys might play .Who knows they just want someone to stop pucks.
Thank you...

The General manager who drafted kids before Gilmour was the GM left him with no young options. Craig Wood, Blake Richard and Matthew Wintjes are simply not OHL calibre goaltenders.

Because of that, Gilmour had to go out and bring in two stopgaps, and did so without spending a thing. Ive head the complaint that Kingston always trades picks for goaltenders (which did have merit in the Mavety days), however to bring in two stop gap goaltenders and pay nothing for them? I don't get the issue? What is there to complain about?

If Gilmour has Joel Howard as an 18 year old and refuses to bring him aboard, then perhaps we have something, but for those who have seen him live, he is simpy not ready for the OHL.

I have to say, I'm happy that my boss doesn't hold the past 10 years worth of sins over my head, especailly when im only guilty of one years of sins lol.

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