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09-04-2012, 07:53 PM
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1. How many games will you like to play? (Max is 82) 25
2. Rate your skill level in the NHL series from 1-10? 4
3. How many hours per day will you be on (or week) As many as I need to.
4. Are you happy with your team? Yes
5. Any vacations or where you will be away from your Xbox? Let me know. Nope
6. Any other friends interested in joining your squad? I'll probably have a few.
7. Do you have a microphone? Yes
8. Your knowledge of hockey in general, from 1-10? 6-7

If your opponent doesn't care if you play against their computer, then they should probably be allowed to. But Yandle Bars is right. Eventually you just beat the computer on superstar mode. Hopefully, everyone just plays their games, and all is well. It's not like we can play all 82 games with 30 people involved. There will be some simming going on.

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