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Originally Posted by LiveeviL View Post
Well have been captain a couple of times already (and A for the Tre kronor at the WC). It isn't like Avs have much to chose from either. I can imagine the older guys (not that old team, but still) standing up and rally around a younger captain.

He has all the hallmarks of what I'd want in a captain, skill, plays hard and plays both ends of the rink - a guy who can demand players follow his example. However, why the heck would a team inflict captaincy on such a young guy - it reeks of a stunt or of desperation. I'm not saying he can't do it, I'm not even saying he won't be good at it - but

* captains whine to refs, only he's going to be whining at refs like a teenager (cause he is). Think how young stars are perceived around these forums when they complain to the refs. Now it's his job to complain after every bad call against his team.

* Avs are still rebuilding - if they struggle this year - he'll be the one out there in the media getting grilled for their failure. Internal pressure of captaincy, pressure of facing the media, pressure of dealing with refs, all the while trying to clear his head and improve his game as he matures. If they have a bad patch and he's in a slump........

* I'm sure all the vets will "say the right things", but a 19yo-20yo ordering around vets and sorting out stuff is a different matter. Then you have his slightly older guys sub-25 who might be miffed.

Here's another way to look at it: if he was drafted 167th would he have been made captain? If you wouldn't make him captain if he was taken 167th - then you shouldn't make him captain now. IMHO he would not, being made captain because you are are a top 3 draft pick is not a good reason, it should come naturally. In 5 years it wouldn't matter where he was taken in the draft, he'd be captain on merit alone.

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