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09-04-2012, 08:58 PM
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Barring a WS win, changes need to be made after the season. It's not entirely anyone's fault but you can't remain status quo after this collapse.

1. Get rid of Long.
2. Get rid of Thompson
3. Do not bring Swisher back
4. Shop Granderson and see what you can get.
5. Do not bring Jones or Ibanez back.
6. Let Arod be your primary DH next year. Bring in a 3rd baseman and let him compete with David Adams in ST for the starting job.
7. Enough with Russell Martin. He was done 5 years ago. How that comparison to Thurman Munson looks now Cashman?? smh.
8. Goodbye to Freddie Garcia.
9. Shop Hughes and see what you can get.

DO NOT TRADE.....Austin, Williams, Heathcott or Sanchez.

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