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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post

The NHL is claiming they lost $240M in the last 2 years.
The nhl had creative accounting last lockout. The union has speculated that the nhl fudges the revenue numbers, but no pa head besides Fehr has requested proof. They found "independent" auditors to confirm the numbers before, no matter how ridiculous it was (the isles not reporting tv money, chicago omitting luxury boxes, msg leaving out concessions).

If the nhl is losing money, its because they are keeping multiple franchises afloat. The sale of Phoenix will be after the new cba, so that profit isn't going to be reflected in any accounting.

For all we know, the $240m loss is the war chest the league built up! over the last two years. Clearly they've planned for rollbacks with these outrageous contracts from traditionally frugal teams. They can save close to $24m each on those wild contracts with their targeted rollback.

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