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09-04-2012, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Anton View Post
A couple of options you might want to try.

Barter. A compressor only runs a couple hundred bucks so they are charging you lots of labor. Go to a smaller, independent garage and see if there's any computer work or legal work (if your wife is a practicing lawyer) that you can somehow trade for these services.

Another option is see if any garage will let you set up a payment plan. I've negotiated this for lots of things (new tires, medical bills, propane delivery, furnace work, etc..). A lot more places go for this sort of thing than you think (especially in this economy).
This one is an independent garage - not sure if they count as "smaller" though since they won Best in Wake County in the Indy's reader poll. I also checked compressor prices and a new one at O'Reilly or the like runs $400ish on its own. I could see if they could do some sort of payment plan but I'm thinking they would have offered such. I'm not a computer guy myself - lived with 4 of them while I was in grad school. I guess if they need some paralegaling to do I could do that but not much else. Ooh or policy analysis. I can still do that from my grad school days.

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