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05-02-2006, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16
You know something, I think we do need a complete overhaul. And I say that because out of the last eight playoff appearances, we've only advanced past the first round once. This team has been a broadstreet bully-esque team, this team has been an overall huge team and this team has been a defensive wrecking machine and it has done us no good. It's time to blow things up and try something different....building a team that's built on heart, character, and skill.

You know something, I'd rather we keep Rathje and dispose of Hatcher. Hatcher seems to be nothing but a lazy, uninspired and conniving S.O.B. He brought absolutely nothing to the team and other than that one stretch in November and December, he's been a liability every time he's been on the ice. I also hope that the Flyers say goodbye to Eric Desjardone. He was also a detriment in this series. If assists were awarded for giveaways, Desjardins would be the leading point getter in the playoffs. Unbelievable how much he stank and yet Hitch continued going to the well with Desjardins.

As horrible as this may sound, I hope neither one of them return. I hope KP retires. Enough is enough. He's essentially holding this team hostage while he "decides" and "attempts" to come back from post concussion syndrome. Get over it Keith, you're done. Retire. Do this team a favour. Retire and let them recoup your money and put it towards either paying some people on this team or acquiring someone who can help this team now. We'll ensure that we leave a front office position open for you, but retire. You're done. As for KJ, see ya later bud. The luck this team has with dealing with players with concussions, it's time we just step back and away from KJ and let someone else worry about paying KJ big bucks and worry about whether or not he's one noggin knocker away from being a vegetable.

No way does Samsonov leave Edmonton. And with all due respect, Samsonov loves Edmonton and has already said he's instructed his agent to talk contract with Edmonton. So much for he doesn't want to stay in Edmonton. As for fine tuning, I hope that they blow things up in Philadelphia and build with a different core of players. The core we currently have have proven that they couldn't get the job done.

I'll agree with that. The only thing that worries me about Downie is whether or not he can keep his emotions in check. If he can, he'll be a dynamite player. If he can't, then send him packing. We all saw how much of a distraction Sean Avery was to the Kings. The last thing we need is something similar from Downie. Potulny I think though will be gold.

It will, but I'm hoping it turns out to be nothing like the fiasco it was when Barber was dismissed. That was absolutely disgusting the way players were taking potshots at him and only one guy was held accountable. Nobody else was held accountable for that mess.

I am halfway between the two of you. I would like to make a clean break with KJ, and, depending on what his progress is, Primeau. Brashear and Desjardins, too. Hatcher and Rathje are here for the time being, so we definitely need a fast-skating, puck-moving defenseman who can score some points. I don't think that a complete overhaul is necessary, but "fine tuning" is not doing nearly enough.

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