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09-05-2012, 05:39 AM
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Originally Posted by garnetpalmetto View Post
This one is an independent garage - not sure if they count as "smaller" though since they won Best in Wake County in the Indy's reader poll. I also checked compressor prices and a new one at O'Reilly or the like runs $400ish on its own. I could see if they could do some sort of payment plan but I'm thinking they would have offered such. I'm not a computer guy myself - lived with 4 of them while I was in grad school. I guess if they need some paralegaling to do I could do that but not much else. Ooh or policy analysis. I can still do that from my grad school days.
Oh well, I didn't know all the details so was just throwing some ideas out. The places I've done payment plans with in the past don't always advertise it so I've had to ask.

Another option is that if you have good enough credit, some National Chains offer credit cards that allow you to pay off over 6 months with no interest. I know National Tire and Battery does this and they do a lot of different types of repairs, but I'm guessing they don't do AC compressors but I never asked. Might be worth looking into some of those also.

Good luck.

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