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09-05-2012, 08:50 AM
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What can the owners give to the players?

So one thing that's been talked about frequently both on here and by a recently referenced article on the NHLPA site is that if the owners want to take from the players, the owners also need to be willing to give/make concessions. What I've seen discussed far less often is what exactly the owners can give to the players as incentive to decrease their share of revenues. It seems the PA's stance is not so much "we're not giving up anything" but rather "okay, if we give up something, what are we going to get and what are you going to do internally to help fix your issues?"

So far, Mr. Fehr seems to be selling increased revenue sharing among the owners as something that will benefit the PA to the PA, and something that will benefit the NHL to the NHL. I tend to agree with him on this point, but only because they are operating in a cap system. I personally find that a cap system and a strong revenue sharing system are mutually inclusive. This is where I believe Mr. Bettman has his largest battle, due to the owners; they want to have their cake and eat it too. The big money owners are going "Okay, you can have your cap, weaker teams, and some parity... wait, you want money, too? Hah, since we're all limited, see if you can spend with us and compete." Mr. Bettman's task is as much uniting and dealing with the collective cave of trolls known as the NHL Board of Governors as it is representing them.

So increased revenue sharing is certainly one thing that the owners can "give" to the players (it is something they're seeking), and arguably themselves as well. Instead, there are many other things the owners want to "take" as well (well discussed at this point). What are some other things that the owners can "give" to the players that do not severely impact their monetary goals?

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