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09-05-2012, 08:54 AM
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My guess is, if you look at the "clones" of top brand sticks, the cost of manufacturing and shipping them over here is probably around $50. That doesn't include R&D, manufacturer profit, marketing, warranties, and other costs. I would guess that bumps it up to at least $75-100 for a $200 stick.

The material itself might be $5-10 per stick, but that doesn't include the cost of setting up molds, the machines for production (including upkeep and wear&tear), labor, rent for the factory, packaging, and shipping them overseas.

My guess (completely uneducated) would be that store cost for a stick is around $100-125 for a $200 stick. It might be closer to $150+ for a $225+ stick. That does include all of the above costs including manufacturer's profit.

Retail stores making $50-75 for a top end stick would make sense, and then of course at the end of life they make no money as they blow them out, maybe lose a few bucks as they really need to clear out old stock (like the S17's and SE16's that are still in a few stores).

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