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09-05-2012, 09:04 AM
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I don't know what you saw but I find it disturbing when I read that a player played ugly or people take pot shots at players constantly. At the Blue White game and on Monday I saw some real positives. Starting from the goal out:

Blackwood was real solid. Square to the puck and quiet in net. The net looks good for a few years.
Garcia and Laser were the steadiest pairing, IMO, and it was good to see Garcia get a game star. Arjay and Racer have you ever given Laser any credit? You seem to enjoy throwing him under the bus even when he plays well.
Macdonald and Hall seem to have nice chemistry and I would like to see them stay together for a while. Cannot image that Macdonald played ugly in the camp. Maybe he did not mesh with linemates but ugly? I did not see the scrimmages but he has been real good when I did see him. Again, Racer have you ever given him any credit? or do you only give credit to your favorite players?
It was great to see some of the surprise younger players play so well. Ricci, Webster, Brown (not young but still a rookie), etc. They played a solid game without a lot of the vets.
The Colts lost a lot of scoring so it will be fun to see who steps up. Last year was a great ride and this year may be a surprise as well.

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