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Originally Posted by Arjay View Post
WileyOleVet- Maybe it's just a difference of opinion rather than favouritism!? At the last game I had a long time season ticket holder tell me that Justin Scott was not going to make the team. I on the other hand, feel that he is going to be star!! Simply a difference of opinion.
Thats the problem with online message boards. Alot of people have personal reasons for posting. Some are friends, some are fans, some are family. If somethign negative (or sometimes nothing at all) is said about a player, then those who are emotionally attached to said player feel as thou its someone attacking them, and lash out. Its happened that way for a long, long time.

I think people need to appriciate that this is a public forum, and that kids can read this stuff.

That said, I haven't seen much of that on the Barrie forum, you guys seem to have a nice group here, unlike some threads which are riddled with parents and hangers on.

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