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09-05-2012, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by sonsofcain View Post
It looks like a trailer for a Lifetime mini-series. I don't understand what it has to do with the game. Its focus is completely opposed to that of the Total War games, in my opinion. I guess it bothers me because I'm afraid this game will show even less concern about historicity and realism than the first Rome game did, which is truly saying something. The trailer indicates a focus on dramatic garbage rather than, you know, total war.

Hopefully that's not really true though. In any case, hopefully the game is extremely moddable. I'm not sure how the last two games were in that regard, but the first Rome and second Medieval (same engine) seemed decently restrictive. People still made some great mods though (EB, Stainless Steel). I wish someone would just give Creative Assembly's funding to the EB team to make RTW2.
It shows nothing to do with the actual game play itself so I don't quite understand your outrage.

Maybe you will be able to use political power plays to have your rivals thrown in jail? That is completely realistic. Maybe you can assassinate or have killed your political or military rivals? Again completely realistic and part of previous games. I didn't see anything in that trailer that wasn't at least somewhat historically accurate.

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