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09-05-2012, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by bcv View Post
Go snoop around on facebook for groups like "Pauline leave before anyone else gets hurt" or something along those lines. This morning I found one, 300+ members in it. People are endorsing the shooting. While checking the names of the members of the group, let me tell you, I didn't read one french name.

I tought like you before I saw those kind of things (it's not the only one). Some anglos are pretty ****ing pissed that the PQ won, while it doesn't mean, at all, that anglos should be all put in the same basket, some, and they probably won't say it, are okay with that happened yesterday.
Alright. So you found 300 jambons on Facebook. It's so easy to state a poorly thought opinion on a social network. It shouldn't hold any weight whatsoever. And it shouldn't enable you to do the same if you respect yourself as an intellectually sound individual.

The fact is, that's always what happens after an election. No matter who wins. Those who lost (and a lot of posters on this board have done this very thing on the political board) start freaking out, acting as if the province is doomed. Those overdramatic reactions are generally diluted over time, once those individuals realize that not much has changed in their everyday life. They will go on, and all this reactionary ******** will be slowly replaced by routine nonchalance and laissez-faire.

The PQ won't burn your houses down. The PQ won't hold your family hostages. The PQ won't force you to move to Toronto. They might try to pass a few laws you won't like. But don't act as if you are being oppressed, you aren't. You live in a free country. Hell, you live in one of the best damn place in the world if you want to let your voice be heard. That's the magic of democracy. Sometimes, you get your way, other times, you don't. You don't decide on your own, there are 7 million people involved in the process and you can't win them all. But you always get to speak out and stand up for your rights and your freedom.

But in reality, it will be a pretty boring 3-4 years (if a minority government can make it that far). Most of the big promises won't make it through. The government will be one of careful fiscal management that will be walking on egg shells. And all the over-the-top pre-election garbage will be just that, garbage. And nobody will ever admit how silly all of this was, sadly.

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