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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
"For the most part"? "Most"? So you believe the majority of professional athletes are cement heads? Guys like Patrice Bergeron, Zdeno Chara (who has a degree in economics and speaks at least six languages), Rich Peverley, Chris Kelly, Andrew Ference, are 12-year-olds? George Parros, who has an economics degree from Princeton? Gabriel Landeskog, named captain of an NHL team at 19, who lived on his own in a foreign country at 16? Jonathan Toews? Marty St. Louis? Pavel Datsyuk?

Of course there are unintelligent athletes. But to claim they are the majority is simply buying into the stereotype. Sure, there's a few around, and they attract attention when they say/do something outrageous. But I'd say they're a minority, probably fewer than the intelligent, and MUCH fewer than the average joe sort of guys.
You are naming the smart ones. I didn't say there were not any, there definitely are. Most high end athletes got where they are because at a very early age that was their focus. This will impact other areas of their development. Not only intelligence but maturity. The vast majority of them have never had a real job. Most of them have been coddled and treated like children even into their 30's+. This is just the way it is. For most people, that is what would happen if their life was that way.

You are saying the majority of ATHLETES...not just Hockey players are intelligent? More intelligent than a typical person who goes through a normal education and development in maturity? It's just not true.

Again, it's not a knock on them, that is their life. Most athletes are consumed by their sport. That is how they became superior in it. There are very few who excel in athletics and academics. Why is that so controversial? That is like being offended if you say most geniuses are not high end athletes. You are saying most athletes are intelligent, and more intelligent than the average person. That makes no sense. Why would they be more intelligent than the average person? That is like saying most people who are extremely intelligent are also very athletic. The truth is that most people fall in the middle on many things, some people excel in some things and very very few people excel in many competing things.

We like these guys. I know I do. That makes you tend to read into things that just are not there. I would say Hockey players are generally on the high end compared to other sports, but still basically just big kids in very athletic bodies. Nothing wrong with that. I envy that life actually Not everyone can be Ken Dryden guys.

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