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Originally Posted by MetalheadPenguinsFan View Post
Excellent timing with this post man.

Am thinking of buying my first bottle of Scotch as soon as I move to pair with a nice cigar for my birthday and as kind of a "ahhh I'm finally all settled I can relax" kind of thing.

Any reccomendations? I was thinking of going with a 200 ml. bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label for $16 as my first thing to try. Yay or nay??? If nay, what would be a better choice?? Keep in mind I'm in Canada so I dunno if our LCBO will have everything you may reccomend. Plus I don't wanna spend too much, both because I'm poor and I dunno if I like Scotch yet.
Johnnie Walker Black is not a bad place to start, and it's my namesake actually, but at the end of the day it's a blended scotch. Blends are always a little less flavorful in my opinion, as you're dealing with a blend of single malts from different distilleries, so the character of each gets muddled together.

Single malt is generally the way to go for scotches, because you're dealing with a malting from one distillery that generally aged it in the exact same kinds of barrels, at the exact same location for a much more distinct taste. It's also generally more expensive.

If you just want to see if you like scotch or not, and want to keep the cost down, JW Black is probably a solid choice.. maybe even the best possible choice. If you love it, though, and want to swing for the fences, go with anything from this list:

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