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09-05-2012, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
No offense Ziggy, but I don't agree much with the premise Taylor left the Kings with Quick, Kopitar and Brown (Brown I do somewhat). There's simply no guarantee that those players would have turned out the way they did under the Taylor regime, especially Quick. I'm not saying they wouldn't, but we KNOW they turned out under the way DL and Co. handled them. I personally don't know if I believe Quick would be this dominate without Ranford to help guide him, and DL brought in Ranford. Let's not forget what our goaltending history was like under Taylor. The lone legitimate goalie he ever developed, Huet, was traded away and had his best success elsewhere. The rest are mixtures of Roman Cechmanek, Jason Labarbera, Steve Passmore and Stephane Fiset with a nice run of Felix Potvin inbetween.

I'm not trying to bash DT here, but all he did with those three players is draft them. Only one, Brown, played under Taylor's squad and it could be argued he was rushed to the show as well. There's not enough credit given to development around these boards, but that is just as big of an issue as drafting is in reality. Development under DT was pretty weak (some of that wasn't his fault I know, but it was still pretty weak). Under DL, it is much, much better.
Right, but it was still DT and his staff who made the picks. Regardless of their development system and their philosophy, which caused them to be fired and replaced by Lombardi with an opposite view, they still identified the talent and had those three players stocked for the future.


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