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09-05-2012, 10:56 AM
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Thanks Ziggy for posting that link, ,this was a terrific piece of writing and esp for me, someone who only became a rabid Kings fan since June 23, 2011 when the Flyers made the mistake of trading Richards.

I like how the author went year by year, illustrating the draft choices, trades, hits and misses and how each choice was woven into what has become a championship tapestry.

But having read this and also a lot of Dean Lombardi interviews, one this that is clear is that developing and establishing a 'winning culture' was the most important thing to him. As each year passed and his young group of home grown players matured, he was seeking the right pieces that would compliment them. And he's done that now. A terrific young team that could become a dynasty. They have all the right pieces, stud young goalie, great defense with an elite young defender (one of the 2 best young Dman (along with Pietroangelo of the Blues IMO) in the game) And 2 stud young centers who can dominate 200 feet of ice better than just about any other dynamic center duo in the game. DL called them his four foundatoins (positionally) that he feels are required to contend and become champions for years.

But as good and talented as they were, without Sutter, I don't think they win the Cup. He was the catalyst, the motivator , the father that could both kick ass when needed and give the pat on the back. And eveyr player responded with enthusiam. THe biggest change for me was Doughty, from the beginning , Sutter would wrap his arms around Doughty after every shift, speaking directly to him. And it worked, I think it came to full fruition in the playoffs and CBA notwithstanding, that is the stud dman we'll see continue to grow and develop and be a beast.

This DL statement of Sutter and what he brought to the Kings is very true:

I donít care how good your players are, or whatever, you have to establish an identity and stand for something.Ē

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