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09-05-2012, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaromir Jagr View Post
Yeah, most of them are **** boxes. The Cruze is horrible. Escape is another prime example of Ford trash. The Legacy is a nice car and so is the Altima. The Rogue is a weird crossover/SUV whatever they call it these days. Also, it's a woman's car. The Prius speaks for itself (in a bad way). Get one if you want to be made fun of constantly.

Obviously the G37 tops that list, but is way out of the price range of some of the others. Your best bang for the buck and car there decently priced is the Altima and Legacy.
I agree on the G37x obviously.

My gf likes the Rogue, but when I sat in the Escape I was impressed. It is rated VERY well EVERY year as well. I am not going to get a Fiesta or something like that but from everything I have read the Escape is tops in its class (which includes the Rav4, CR-V, Rogue, etc.).

I really like the new Altima, probably stick with the 4-cylinder as it gets 38 mpg highway even though I want the 6.

Probably looking at this as my future winter car. Still have my eyes on a 370z in the near future.

The Legacy was fairly impressive actually with the AWD and 31mpg highway.

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