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09-05-2012, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Scotianhab View Post
My buddy offered me Trent Richardson for Ahmed Bradshaw and in a seperate trade another guy offered me Andre Johnson for Reggie Wayne. Would you guys pull the triggers? The latter guy is a Colts fan.
I like both Bradshaw and Richardson, but I think getting an every down back like Richardson is the deal breaker there. Bradshaw is going to get plenty of work if healthy, now goaline work as well, but with Wilson looking excellent in preseason, I think Bradshaw is going to be in a 70-30 split, while Richardson is a likely 90-10 split with Hardesty..

Andre Johnson for Wayne is a no brainer. I have Wayne on a few teams, he is going to have a nice bounce back year, but you are getting a WR1 for a WR3...pull the trigger

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