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09-05-2012, 12:46 PM
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First off, hi!
I have been posting on Canucks sites for years but am quite pleased to have found this one. It has fans from all teams which can only enrich the capacity for objectivity. I am quite interested in everyones take on these players and will be around now indefinitely!

So the topic seems to me to be Luongos' worth around the league, especially in Florida and Toronto.
Florida is absolutely LOADED with young talent and I reckon are poised to be the best team in the NHL within 5 years. Where there appears to be the slightest of weaknesses(and I must say it's slight) is in the crease. Markstrom has been a pretty damn good goalie prospect but hasn't taken that big step we expected just quite yet. I would think this is the only reason that there's even the slightest hint of interest in Luongo.
So is it enough to give away one of their precious blue chip prospects? It would definitely turn a perceived weakness into a position of strength but what will it cost?

If I'm Tallon, I wouldn't do it. Not until I see if what I got isn't going to get the job done and also what the collective will look like.

Of course Vancouver wants top players/prospects in return. They have depth in net and would be better served allocating the resources Luongo occupies to their weaknesses....namely young players and prospects.

Personally I can't see Florida parting with what VCR requires to complete a trade of this magnitude. They are wise to hang on to their youth as it won't be long until they are dominating with or without Luongo.

Just my opinions!

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