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Originally Posted by 10 Min Misconduct View Post
In a sense you're right, but you know Wang will continue to spend to the floor and pocket revenue sharing money he would get. To me thats not right. The league is giving you that money to reinvest in the team. IF the Isles headed to a path of consistent winning and playoff appearances and hell even a Stanley Cup, Wang would make money.

If you invest in the product and put out the best, most appealing item for fans, THEY SPEND MONEY. You hire the best talent to make it happen. You get the best talent on the ice, in the front office and put the best quality as the expectation.

That's how Detroit went from 2,000 fans a night to sell outs for over a decade. (they don't sell out now, after the economy and what I believe to be Babcock's mark on players leaving and free agents no longer desiring to sign there)

What happens to Wang's $4M loss two years ago if we got solid defense and scoring instead of diving into the dumpsters? $4M turns to even, plus any playoff revenue.....there is still time, but I'm not counting on things changing if the owner does not want to spend t make money. And we are NOT talking about going to the cap ceiling, just wiser hires making better trades and signings.

It's true in all business. Spend wiser, not more, not less, but wiser.

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