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09-05-2012, 01:04 PM
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The NHL & NHLPA should agree on what exactly constitutes HRR. The players should then get 50 percent of that in salary and benefits, and this agreement should be written in stone never to be disputed again.
There should be a floor and a ceiling to a cap system that reflects the 50% of HRR. The owners should then decide on whether cost certainty to those small markets should be installed into a CBA with profit sharing from the richer teams. Let the NHL clubs take care of themselves, if they decide these small market teams are worth while supporting let them, or let them be moved or removed what ever makes sense to the collective. The players should look after themselves with paid systems for pensions or disability etc....
No drafted player should be allowed to enter into the NHL as a UFA, they havenít earned it, but neither a player should have to remain with a team who is unwilling or unable to play market value under the present system. The present system with time limits for UFA, RFA, salary arbitration, etc... may need a few changes but it seemed to me at present to be fair.
I donít know what they can do about contract lengths or front loaded contracts, the easy answer same yearly salary for each year of the contract. Any salaries deemed buried into the AHL or buyouts can maybe be considered taxable and put into cost sharing with the other NHL clubs, let the collective decide who is cheating.
The NHL should have their own contract amongst the owners. I believe that is what truly will resolve a lot of the present issues.

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