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09-05-2012, 01:33 PM
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Negotiating 101 is all about, "If you... then we will..." So I think this is a really relevant topic. Neither side has really entered into Give and Take discussions.

There are many non-core issues that can be traded to get closer to the % of HRR the NHL desires.

Contract Topics:
-Shorter ELC 1-2yrs, and/or remove the slide rule on a 3yr ELC, any games played counts as a year off the contract. Afterall, pre-season is for try-outs.
-Higher paying ELC, probably would have minimal affect as those guys aren't in the PA yet.
-Significant increase to the minimum non-ELC contract. Move up to $900,000 and this will get the bottom 20% of the PA to start thinking.
-Less restrictive RFA or two classes of RFA with less prohibitive offer sheet compensation. Ex. RFA fresh off ELC is high compensation, any other RFA less compensation.
-Higher % on qualifying offers, especially if they did type 1 and type 2 RFAs. Type 2 RFAs 125
-Re-introduce/Expand player performance bonuses (cap hits carry over to following yr)
-Re-introduce Player Option to extend contract (would have to $=Avg. Cap hit of contract)
-Guaranteed UFA by age 26 regardless of years or games service.
-Guaranteed UFA if a minimum amount of games hasn't been played by age 23 (already something like this but it can be made earlier)
-All UFA contracts come with 1yr league enforced NTC unless player waives at time of signing. (similar to RFA offersheet/match NTC)
-Buy outs paid at higher percentage of contract dollars, ex. 80%

Union incentivies:
-More NHL $ contributed to Players Pensions
-NHL $ given to players furthered education (guaranteed 3yrs base tuition for any player that signs an ELC to be used up until 50 y/o).
- X% Profit Sharing based on NHL teams net profits
-Expanded NHL rosters, ex. 25 man, another one that helps lure in the lower paid players.

Core Issues:
-Luxury tax set below the Hard Cap to help fund Rev. Sharing (ex. floor $40m, luxury tax threshold $55m, hard cap $65m.)
-No salary rollbacks, whatever % of HRR they agree on, it will be gradual and reached by year 3 of the CBA. (ex. 2013 = 57%, 2014 = 54%, 2015= 50%) Players may lose money to escrow but at least it won't be a direct reduction.
-Unlimited contract lengths, but no front loading or at least less gradual decline. Ex. final year cannot be less than 50% the value of year 1.

These aren't necessarily things I'd like to see added, but they are at least things the PA might be interested in. Anything that helps a player have more freedom during their NHL career, while not adding to % of HRR should be on the table.

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