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09-05-2012, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by daveleaf View Post
I just hate it when discussions turn into semantics and....." wasn't totally that way..."

Sure ND. Lets go on to say they were shafted by the lease agreement and let's go on and further say it was a plan devised by Balsille and Moyes because NHL wanted nothing to do with Balsille and Moyes was bleeding money everywhere. Sure, Balsille wouldn't have got his hands on that team that way but in the end he offered more money to all the creditors than what it is being sold for today. As well it would have kept owners from having to foot the bill for Phoenix for the last few seasons. In the end the team was loosing money hand over fist, enough that their petition for bankruptcy court was accepted and acted on. Who knew?

I am glad Bettman made a line in the sand. Half a million people are happy about it and probably another million around the area that would have attended to watch a real hockey team play. There would have been a progressive owner in the group....let's start the RIM insults coming now.....and there would have been one less franchise sucking on wind.

Guess what? Players would have been happy too since revenue would have been way up......cough cough....maybe that is what Gary was worried about all the time. :-)

So what happens now? Jamieson get the team, within the next two years magically relocates to anywhere not named Hamilton, Ontario and begins there third life. In the end all the other owners get shafted for the bill, creditors got shafted (Hello our greatest hockey player ever Wayne Gretzky) but GB is one happy puppy,.....right?
Holy Mackinaw, what's this all about? I was merely disproving a myth the Phoenix a Coyotes went bankrupt. They didn't!

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