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Originally Posted by We Like Our Group View Post
I like how you throw in "Canes" 1st round picks, since three of those five players were indeed first round picks. So since other teams drafted them, they somehow are exempt from having to work as hard and from criticism for (allegedly) not doing so?

I've long maintained that people's hate for Boychuk has everything to do with their initial expectations, and nothing to do with anything reasonable, and you've pretty much summed up my case. Only people who can't let go of the past suggest that Zach Boychuk not be giving a qualifying offer while at the same time sing the praises of Bobby Sanguinetti.

YOU expected a lot from Zach Boychuk while not giving a **** about those other players because they were drafted by other teams or not as high as Boychuk, so now you hold Boychuk to a higher standard to the point where players who are in the exact same situation as him get precisely zero criticism for doing the same thing.

Come on. Just read your and caniac247's posts. It's just flat out absurd what you two write. This stuff gets said about NOBODY else. There are what, four players who aren't established NHLers who have shown up, yet all you guys do is rant about Boychuk and say absolutely nothing about the other 20+ guys who are still at home. Sad.

Why I'm not talking about those other guys you mentioned is quite simple. None of them really have an ice cube's chance in hell of making the Canes roster in the next two seasons. There isn't space, and they aren't good enough to supplant anyone currently signed to a one way contract. Period. Boychuck is now a permanent fixture on this list as well. By his own hand. There's a DARNED good reason why Bowman and Dalpe are ahead of Boychuck on the depth chart, and will remain there.

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