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Originally Posted by TheBigKahuna View Post
Why I'm not talking about those other guys you mentioned is quite simple. None of them really have an ice cube's chance in hell of making the Canes roster in the next two seasons. There isn't space, and they aren't good enough to supplant anyone currently signed to a one way contract. Period. Boychuck is now a permanent fixture on this list as well.
So you're not talking about the other guys who are on the same "list" as Boychuk because they are...on the same list as Boychuk? Thanks for clarifying this. You don't talk about them because they don't have a chance to make the team, and yet you don't think Boychuk has a chance to make the team.

It's "by his own doing", which is apparently by not coming to camp early enough. Yet the other players who are not coming to camp early are apparently not in the same boat? They could not benefit at all or increase their chance at cracking the roster by coming? That's the only way your post makes any sense whatsoever.

Just another awful post in a long line of them in this thread.

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