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Originally Posted by We Like Our Group View Post

It's "by his own doing", which is apparently by not coming to camp early enough. Yet the other players who are not coming to camp early are apparently not in the same boat? They could not benefit at all or increase their chance at cracking the roster by coming? That's the only way your post makes any sense whatsoever.

I don't know if I can dumb it down enough for you, but I'll give it a try.

Boychuck's career IS in HIS OWN hands. It's not up to Maurice, Muller, Rutherford, etc. If the kid can't come to camp in shape, if he can't take advantage of EVERY opportunity they give him, and if he can't score goals, he's never going to play in the NHL. If showing up for informals has helped Bowman or Dalpe even a little bit, then why wouldn't Boychuck use that opportunity? Has Boychuck attended a Gary Roberts camp? It's not secret that the kid has a lazy steak a mile wide. He was a Canes 1st round draft pick. He'll end up as another GMs problem in another year or two....just as we ended up with Sanguinetti, etc. Boychuck is in the AHL because he's yet to show that he possess either the skill or desire to play at a higher level.

Yes, he is a 1st round bust!

Originally Posted by Boom Boom Anton View Post
Just Curious, what has Dalpe done at the NHL or AHL level that puts him ahead of Boychuk on the depth chart? I would say that where those two end up on the depth chart will fully depend on how they perform at camp and pre-season this year (especially with a new coach that has only seen each of them for a handful of games).
Dalpe was the best player in camp last summer. He shocked a LOT of people when he failed to stick around as a full time player last fall. I don't know what the official excuse is, but the inability to score in games is probably the biggest reason. But Boychuck has been passed by 3 players on the callup depth chart...and I think the climb back up taht ladder is too steep for a player with his work ethic. It doesn't help that he can't score on NHL ice either. At least Samson and Bowman have really strong 2 way games...and Dalpe has speed and a shot far superior to Boychuck.

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