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09-05-2012, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by TheBigKahuna View Post
Dalpe was the best player in camp last summer. He shocked a LOT of people when he failed to stick around as a full time player last fall. I don't know what the official excuse is, but the inability to score in games is probably the biggest reason.
Yes, at the start of last season, I would agree Dalpe was ahead of him on the depth chart (obviously). But at the end of the day, both player saw only 16 games in the NHL, Dalpe was never called up again after January, and Boychuk outscored him in Charlotte (both years). So again, I ask what has Dalpe done that places him higher on the depth chart?

EDIT: and by the way, I have no problem with people saying Boychuk will never make it, etc.. I have doubts myself that he'll ever make it (at least with the Canes).

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